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Bringing Tap Back, Water Refill Stations

Installation in Victor Ashe Park & World's Fair Park, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2015-2018

As part of the Tennessee Clean Water Network's Bringing Tap Back program, three artist's designs were selected by the City of Knoxville Public Arts Committee to have original designs featured on two water refill stations within the city.  Additionally, the program was recognized by winning a Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Award in the category of Public Art in March 2016. 

My digital illustration, entitled, "Water: One Size Fits All!” is focused on social equality, health and reuse of water bottles.  For equality, specifically, the water bottles are meant to loosely represent how we are all different (even those struggling with obesity), but water is universally good and healthy for all of us.  For reuse, the variety of reusable water bottles are in the design to represent the importance of reuse and the desire to fully remove one-time plastic water bottle use in US society, of which water refill stations can aid in doing so. 

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